TABaluz : a game stroll

The Tabaluz are intelligent lighting tablets installed on the facades of city streets, replacing the doors of the electric cupboards. The city of Arles, France, possessed 40 of them all scattered in different places of its inner centre. Tabaluz are lit colored windows (made of woven optical fiber and LED materials), that deliver information to Arles residents and visitors.

In collaboration with the researcher Marion Coville, a selection of 10 digital games from the independant scene were selected to be temporary exhibited during Fall 2013 in different streets of Arles using the Tabaluz technology. Each work was chosen in relation with the space where it was displayed or the history of the street. Including descriptions of the game and QR codes to get and play it online for free, bystanders could easily access to these work and "bring it" back at their place to experience them. This commission was an interesting opportunity to subtly introduce digital games to a broad audience in an outdoor public space.

Images by Les Sentiers Numériques from their Flickr album. All rights reserved.

Curated works

Art Game by Pippin Barr
Candy Box! by aniwey
Dys4ia by Anna Anthropy
Dream Fishing by Sophie Houlden
Farsh by Mahdi Bahrami
Milmiliar by Pitoum
Passage by Jason Rohrer
Press [X] To Give Up by Anders Boerup, Bram Michielsen, Henrike Lode, Jonas Maaloe, Jonatan Van Hove & Mads Johansen
The Stairwell (SCP 087) by EZeddy
Trauma by Krystian Majewski