POLI : the images of science

Poli is a french journal which examines visual, audiovisual and interactive cultures. From cinema to pop music, television to web, photography to video game, Poli brings a new look to contemporary images.

For the 8th issue called "The Images of Science" I've been collaborating with the interactive artist and curator Heather Kelley to select eight video games which have a strong visual relation to scientific images. What happens to science when game designers use real medical illustrations or scientifically accurate 3D models to make a game of it? Do games provide another way to look at science? Are images still about science or do they become something else?

Curated works

Fold-It, University of Washington
Osmos by Hemisphere Games
Lunar Flight by Shovsoft
Plague Inc. by Ndemic Creations
Portal 2 by Valve
SpaceChem by Zachtronics Industries
Splice by Cipher Prime
Surgeon Simulator by Bossa Studios