OVer Game

Curated works

A Normal Lost Phone by Accidental Queens
Beholder by Warm Lamp Team
dys4ia by Anna Anthropy
JS Joust by Die Gute Fabrik
Le Fil Rouge by Pauline Devolle, Lorris Giovagnoli, Maxime Neveu, Nicolas Terlon, Thomas Sandmeier
Line Wobbler by Robin Baumgarten
Ordnungswissenschaft, Marek Plitcha & Till Wittwer
Papers, Please by Lucas Pope
Parable of the Polygons by Nicky Case & Vi Hart
Perfect Women by Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder
September 12th by Gonzalo Frasca
Wheels of Aurelia by Santa Ragione

Invited games & performers

Coming Out Simulator by Nicky Case, performed by Lisa Schaeffer
Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars by Anna Anthropy, performed by Charlotte Thiounn
Reigns by Nerial, performed by Brice Dubat
The Talos Principle by Croteam, performed by Oscar Barda





Over Game is a +400m² exhibition and a ten days events program introducing political topics, societal challenges and new forms of activism through the lenses of the alternative digital game scenes. Exhibiting games with art installations, digital fictions, interactive explanations, alongside with performances, public debates, authors lecture/interview and informal conferences - Over Game was meant to rethink the way digital games can be played and watched both in privacy and public while being able to arouse thoughts and provoke discussions about political and social issues.

Celebrating diversity in digital games but also in the broad range of topics and challenges they can address to everyone, the exhibition was an invitation to play and question some modern society issues from systemic sexism to transphobia, groups segregation, borders control, citizen surveillance, human-computer interactions, underground & minorities' cultures and many more...  

Allowing the visitors to play as long as they wanted, Over Game was also designed to offer a space that emphasize the perfomance of play. The exhibition displayed different areas in the exhibition to watch someone playing a game while being away from the player's screen and side. One of the most important curatorial stance there was to give as much importance and choice to the performers (players) as the spectators.  

Images shot by La Fille d'à Côté. All rights reserved.


"Jeux vidéo, les scènes alternatives" by Alice Ramond, Les Nouvelles Vagues, France Culture Radio, 2016/12/21.