L'indécadence is an independent event taking place during IndieCade Europe festival in Paris without being affiliated to it. It aims to offer a temporary alternative space to marginalized creators or authors from minority groups among the indie game scenes and electronic music fields by exhibiting their works & live performances. It gathers more than 250 persons for its second edition. 

Initially created in 2016 by @adrielbeaver, the second edition were coorganized by @adrielbeaver, @cyanidedansen, @echopteryx@_gaeel_, and me. It took place on October 30th 2017 and was generously supported by Accidental Queens.

Images shot by La Fille d'à Côté. All rights reserved.



Curated works

29 by Humble Grove
Another Lost Phone by Accidental Queens
Into by Animal Phase
Morning Makeup Madness by Jenny Jiao Hsia (q_dork)
Necrobarista by Route 59
Nour by Terrifying Jellyfish
Récréation graphiques & poétiques by Justine Dardoise
Transit by Natalie Clayton (Scarlet Catalie)
Unluck Quest by Noah Ratcliff


Cyanide Dansen