"In a video game, the relation to space is fundamental. We do not live the same experiences in an arcade or in our living room. Games are not the same there. The devices are not the same. But playing is not just a different activity depending on the type of room where one plays; it’s also a posture that changes our relation to it. Where are we when we play? Are we here or elsewhere? Or would we be nowhere? For Electron Festival, the collective One Life Remains proposes to explore the ability of video game to bring life to space differently, to make it strange and foreign, in short, to bring to life the experiences of transport.

The various selected games will stand out by their ability to take the players to an elsewhere, that this effect is due to a particular way of reinvesting the tangible space, playing on the invisible, or by the convocation of aesthetics and a metaphysical resonance. Each game will signify a door, an access point to fundamentally different places, breaching with the classical representations we have of space, but also with the types of images that we can expect in a video game. In addition, various digital works will be exhibited, at the crossroads between performance and hallucinatory experience, related to dance, psychedelics or altered perception. Some suggestions will result in performances in the exhibition space and in the streets of Geneva."

The exhibition Ici/Ailleurs happened in the Contemporary Art Building of Geneva, Switzerland, from March 19 to April 5 2015 during the Electron Festival. This was the last exhibition project I've done as a member of the collective One Life Remains. My part was mostly on the curation list and some logistics aspect. All the exhibition design and building was entirely made by the collective.

Images shot by One Life Remains. All rights reserved.

Curated works

A Constant Move Forward by One Life Remains
Activate The Three Artefacts And Leave by Increpare (Stephen Lavelle)
Cosmic Forest by Titouan Millet
DJTAL HUMAIN by Djtal Humain
Edgar Rice Soirée by Douglas Wilson, Adam Henriksson, David Kanaga & Thomas Perl
Eyesect by The Constitute (Sebastian Piatza, Christian Zöllner, Julian Adenauer)
FJORDS by Kyle Reimergartin
Hidden Landscape by François Mazabraud
Proteus by Ed Key & David Kanaga
This is Infinity by Cactus (Jonatan Söderström)
WITHIN by Ragekit (Benjamin Gattet)