Artgame weekend 4 pArty

For the first time in the ArtGame Weekend history, we've organized a post-party event two weeks after the game jam in order to gathers the participants and showcase their works in a public context. The venue was L'Hybride, an independent movie theater based in Lille, France. It gathers more than 150 people in three hours with a majority of non-game specialists with a lot of curiosity about all the installations which were displayed everywhere in the venue. The diversity of audience met the diversity of creations during this one-shot evening party, celebrating the fourth and last edition of an alternative game jam event.

Video shot by Simon Bachelier. Editing by Tatiana Vilela.

ArtGame Weekend #4 poster has been designed by Dziff.

Showcased works

Adsono by T. Vilela, L. Denise, J. Penot, G. Noisette, A. Roy & G. Benoit
Chirac by T. Guiraud, V. Levy, R. Pechot, V. Rabatel & A. Vannier
Holy Shit  D. Fourneau, C. Gironnet, T. Victor, L. Viatgé, P. Corbinais, T. Delboo, J. Gauthrin & F. Roman
Keyboard Mandala T. Millet, L. Leture, H. Lozano, R. Gola, A. Incorvaia, M. Houyez & N. Desmarchelier
Prepare To Meet Thy God by K. Bradshaw, M. Szczypa, M.F. Lemaire, F. Roman & T. Bourgain
Rock'n Dollz by G. Benoit, D. Blanchard, A. Waels, F. Louis, M. Lemmet & C. Hamel