Released on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS by Accidental Queens on January 26th, 2017, A Normal Lost Phone is a perfect exemple of subtle and intelligent activism in digital games. The whole interface is made of stylish visual graphics, between drawing and painting, and is inspired by the usual smartphone apps, traditional menus navigation and the uses people make of it on their daily habits. It invites the player to explore the contents of an apparently lost phone to investigate on the identity and story of the owner, Sam, a teenager questioning very personal and prominent social issues such as their coming of age, homophobia, depression and the search of oneself, among many other things. By exploring everyday life situation and meaningful social questions through a clever narrative design A Normal Lost Phone is a splendid exemple of how digital game can address messages and lead to rethink the "norms" and also hidden taboos of our society.

The game concept is born during the Gobal Game Jam 2016 and was made by four inventive people who didn't know each other. After the release of the first prototype, the game got attention on the web. I've got involved in the project after playing the first prototype and suggested the team to pursue a more advanced development and try to officially publish it. My role in the project could be best described as a freelance "producer" where it was mostly focus on human management and professional guidance which leads the team to go from amateur project to professional game development. Introducing and pushing them to the digital game scenes from international and european festival to expo, conferences and game contest. One of the main challenge was to support and gather each members of the team who were scattered in different places (and country) to work efficiently at distance. After several months of collaboration, a successful crowdfunding campaign and a team restructuration united under the name Accidental Queens they worked autonomously and released the game with a French publisher.

Images taken from and by Accidental Queens (press kit). All rights reserved.


"A Normal Lost Phone is a game that tackles a very relevant and prominent social issue with certainty and yet delicacy, and is as relevant a game as any out there. [...] it still deserves a place of attention within the industry and as an important piece of our current media expression as it pertains to human rights both specific and general." by Peter Faden, The Inner Circle Game Network, 2017/01/20.

"We are meant to sympathize with its owner’s predicament, understand the teenager’s choices and see that this shitty world can be a better place if we can be a lot more empathetic and supportive—and these are reminders we need now more than ever.." by Khee Hoon Chan, Unwinnable, 2017/01/25.